Dr Bettina Stevanovic 

PhD, BPsych (Hons)


Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy | 2008 | Western Sydney University

  • Multidisciplinary research completed at MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour, and Development

  • Thesis Title: The Effect of Learning on Pitch and Speech Perception: Influencing the Perception of Shepard Tones and McGurk Syllables using Classical and Operant Conditioning Principles

Bachelor of Psychology, Honours, First Class | 2003 | Western Sydney University

  • Honours research investigating cognitive development in children

  • Thesis Title: The Effect of Relational Information on Transitive Inference by 5, 7 and 10-year-old Children


Merit Based Academic Awards

  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2002; Government Founded Scholarship, PhD Research

  • UWS Top-up Award, 2002; Western Sydney University Financial Award

  • UWS Summer Scholarship, 2003; Western Sydney University Financial Award

  • ‘Science-Practice Contribution’ Award, 2013; International Conference on Organizational Innovations, 2013, Hua Hin, Thailand



Founder & Program Facilitator | Wheelfulness | 2019-Present

Sessional Academic | Western Sydney University | 2003-Present

  • Unit Coordinator, Lecturer, and Tutor

  • Areas of Teaching: Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Research Methods


Short Courses in Art Therapy & Visual Arts

  • Art Therapy Course; Centre for Continuing Education, The University of Sydney, 2017

  • Courses in Pottery, Watercolour, and Drawing; National Art School, Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, Art Est, WWAS, 2015-2018


Art Exhibition

  • ‘Scribbly Vase’: Wheelthrown Ceramics with Mishima Decoration; Glenaeon Art Show 2019